About the Magic of Life & the Power of Letting Go

“When I cheated my way through the scholl-art-education during my teenage years and my grandpa – a fantastic painter but very much of a perfectionist – made the impression on me that art and me will likely never be a match made in heaven, no one, especially not me would have guessed that I would find my way back, with joy and passion, to this form of art 😉

But in 2020 it happened – colours, shapes, light, shadows, minimalism, abundance, hidden things and obvious ones – all the magic of life may express itself in my art.

Traditional & modern watercolour techniques, mixed media, a bit of acrylic and again and again, with delight, a few magical metallc effects are my creative expression.

About watercolour I especially love that you have to let go during the painting process and the that special something of the uncontrollable, unforseeable, the creation-out-of-it-self that is such a strong aspect of this painting technique.

Et voilà – like magic there forms a captured and felt view on the world put down on paper! ✨ “


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