“Dear Art-Lover,

theses turbulent times are a massive financial challenge for us artists, too. And a mental challenge for people without being able to enjoy art a mental challenge!
Because culture in every form is essential for a functional society
– as an impulse to think, as entertainment, as education, for critisiscm, for inspiration!

If you wish to support my art because it is a matter of the heart to you, then you can do it by buying my products or using the donation button below 🙏💜

I thank you from my heart – also if you find any other artist which you want to support in your range of possibilities.

Much love  and thank you so much!”

Julia finances her music and book projects solely and without the support of a publisher or a record label.
With your donation you support the independent realization of these projects.

For further information you can get in touch here:

Donation Bank Account
Remitee: Julia Domenica Busse
Bank: Deutsche Bank Köln, Germany
IBAN: DE77370700240530198100

Please mention the following keyword in your bank transfer: Donation

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