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„Lisa und der Maler“

Movie • Director: Thomas Busse • Lead: Lisa Brendheim • to be released in 2018 • More info here

The painter Philipp Marton lives since some years, due to a heavy stroke of fate, withdrawn on an old estate. One day, while Philipp is painting outside, a young woman appears, who collapses completely drunk near him. He takes care of the unconscious and lets them sleep in their house their intoxication.

When the two meet in the morning, two completely different worlds meet. Lisa struggles with odd jobs, has constant financial problems, is frustrated, disillusioned, especially with men, she drinks far too much and does not see any real purpose in life.

Philip, on the other hand, is a mature, profound person, steadfast and authentic, who has thought a great deal about life and found answers for him that give him support. But even he is tortured in the heart of a seemingly untreatable wound.

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The tension between Lisa and Philip, their aversion and fascination for each other, bring to the surface themes that both protagonists stir up inwardly. Above all, the question of the meaning of life is in the foreground! Opposites attract, as you know, and so they get closer. But then the story takes a dramatic turn and its blossoming affection is put to the test.

A film with exciting, romantic, funny, erotic, profound and spiritual moments that touches the heart, makes you think and gives you courage all round. Above all, he tells of the magic of love and its healing power!

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Alpenparlament.TV, Switzerland, German, 2016, German, 2016, German, 2016