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“Lisa und der Maler”

Movie • Director: Thomas Busse • Lead: Lisa Brendheim • to be released in 2018 • More info here

Because of a stroke of fate, since some years the painter Philipp Marton (Thomas Busse) lives withdrawn on an old estate. One day while Phillip is painting outside, Lisa (Julia Domenica) appears, a young woman who breaks down nearby totally drunk. He takes care of the unconscious one and let her sleep off her hang-over.

Meeting eacht other in the morning two totally different worlds collide. The tensed connection between Lisa and Phillip, their antipathy and fascination for each other, are bringing topics to the surface that stir up both of the protagonists on the inside. Above all, the question of the meaning of life is in the foreground! As is well-known opposites are magnatic and so they come closer. But then the story takes an unexpected turn and their blossiming affection is strongly put to the test.

A movie – entertaining and profound all at once, living from the charism of both the lead actors. Refreshing different and closer to the flair of Frensh movies than American. It touches your heart in a special kind of way, makes you thoughtfull, encourages. but above all it tells about the magic of love and its healing power!

Alpenparlament.TV, Switzerland, German, 2016, German, 2016, German, 2016