“Acting is an intense, wonderful kind of work and I love it to evoke a story to life, together with a team of people, to give it all for the character and to do him and the message behind the story justice!
But what makes acting, what makes movies truly special to me is that you can touch people deeply and give them an inspiration for their life. We are all on our individual life path and movies can be such a valuable companion which lets us feel and experience certain things, give realizations, set free positive energies and may have an effect on our behaviour and thereby an effect on our unique world!
It is important to me to especially make movies that reach out into the depth of being, which make the ordinary into something special and picture life’s hope, confidence and love!”

Statement about Acting

As much as I’m into acting with my heart I also always had an ambivalent relationship with the “film business”, out of many experiences. Thank the Lord, I myself never had to cope with any traumatic experiences, some dicey ones, yes, but a lot is shown by quoting on of my former acting teachers: “The actor to me is like a vase, I have to break him first into thousand pieces so that I can put him newly back together then.”

And as much as I tried diligently for some time to fit in, I guess the “film business” itself also had an ambivalent feeling towards me. Not at all did I took the typical, classical road of a serious actor and it was hard to put me into a scheme:

* An „unsteady“ résumé with performances in theatres as a teen – academic studies in chemistry – education in acting – theatre – movies – also active in music – poetry – and much more.

* Did put together my acting education individually by myself.

* The first lead in an independent movie, not so typical for Germany.

* Most of the German series do not appeal to me, my heart beats for movies with a certain depth.

* Horror, splatter, blood and thunder – not my cup of tea. No problem if there is need for drama but, please, for a truly world-moving topic, and not for the next, random crime thriller.

* Love to work in English on set – so foreign film offers are very welcome 😉

* I am honest, straight, authentic, self-determined and I have a deep respect for all people on set and in the production area because I almost went through every task myself.

But this is indeed exactly what you get if you hire me: An individual human being with a passion for movies!
I take my job, the project of the director/production firm and the character which I am allowed to play very seriously! You get 100 %.
For me the story of a movie is crucial and less if my part is super important. The movie must be important! This I support with my being, my energy, my abilities, my transformation ability, my dedication to acting!
The people with whom I was blessed to work with till now say exactly this about me in their feedbacks. I am very grateful for that!

My life decision since 2013: Only projects that I can fully stand behind! Sure, this makes offers rare, unfortunately. Also it should not be understood as arrogance. It simply is the realization that staying true to yourself is one of the highest priority in life, at least if you want to be happy and give your absolute best for any project! 💜

Latest Film Project

LISA UND DER MALER (Lisa and the Artist)

Movie • Director: Thomas Busse • Lead: Lisa Brendheim

A modern fairy tale…

Because of a stroke of fate, since some years the painter Philipp Marton (Thomas Busse) lives withdrawn on an old estate. One day while Phillip is painting outside, Lisa (Julia Domenica) appears, a young woman who breaks down nearby totally drunk. He takes care of the unconscious one and let her sleep off her hang-over.

Meeting each other in the morning two totally different worlds collide. The tensed connection between Lisa and Phillip, their antipathy and fascination for each other, are bringing topics to the surface that stir up both of the protagonists on the inside. Above all, the question of the meaning of life is in the foreground! As is well-known opposites are magnatic and so they come closer. But then the story takes an unexpected turn. Evil is forming and their blossiming affection is strongly put to the test.

A movie – entertaining and profound all at once, living from the charism of both the lead actors. Refreshingly different and closer to the flair of Frensh than American movies. It touches your heart in a special kind, makes you thoughtfull, encourages. But above all it tells about the magic of love and its healing power!

By clicking on the image you will be forwarded to the corresponding YouTube video and thereby you accept the privacy policy of YouTube.

Such a nice movie with beautiful music and a really great leading actress. The content of the movie is so valuable and gives strength and hope. It has a slowing-down effect and is therefore very relaxing. It touches the heart. (…)

B. B.

As a former cinema owner with 30 years of professional experience I was stunned by this movie. This compact put together master-piece-of-work offers much more than just the best of movie entertainment.
Spiritual values in all its depth shake hands with greates art of acting. Pure soul food – far away from any shallow Hollywood production. I see here the new spiritual film classic that plays its way into the hearts of entire generations.

J. A.

(longtime cinema owner)

The movie was just wodnerful. The pictures, the music and last but not least the great acting performance impressed me very much. (…) All I can say is: Hats off!

C. S.

Find more feedbacks at

Current Documentary Project

"Bruno Gröning - A Call to True Christianity"

Documentary • Director: Thomas Busse • Released as stream in January 2022

Documentary about the life and spirutal statements of Bruno Gröning, who got publicly known especially during the Fifties because of many healings. The documentary’s main focus lies on Bruno Grönings close relation to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Numerous interviews with contemporary witnesses as well as a few unpublished private videos form the objective and sound approach to this extensive topic.
Julia took on the following work areas in this project: DOP, Sound, Editing Assistance, Colorgrading/Correction Assistance, Voice Over for Josette Gröning

Current Short Film Project

Comedy Short Film "STABTIC"

Short Film • Production, Director & Script: Thomas Busse

Science-Fiction-Adventure with a special crew…
Julia played one of the lead roles in this short film.

In Pre-Production

Christmas Movie

Film • Production, Director & Script: Thomas Busse • Shooting planned for beginning of 2024

Details will be announced here.
Julia will play the female supporting role in this short film.

Spritual Comedy Movie

Film • Production, Director & Script: Thomas Busse • Shooting planned for 2025

Details will be announced here.
Julia will play the lead in this film.

Find a complete list of films, videos, hosting etc. in Julia’s résumé.

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