Acting is intense, wonderful work and I love it!
To give life to a story together in a team, to give all what‘s possible for a character to do justice to him and the message of the story – that is a wonderful, uplifting feeling!
But what makes acting, what makes movies truly so special to me is that you can give people an inspiration for their lives, a touching and sometimes agitating time.
We are all on our especial ways of live and movies can be a precious companion!
They can help us to change to the positive and with that in the end also our unique world!
To reach people emotionally and enrich their lives with a lot of dedication and love for stories
– that is part of my passion for filmmaking!


German Showreel (English Subtitles)

English Showreel


Interview for “Lisa und der Maler”

Music-Video CD “WAVES”

Interview/Photo Shooting with photographer Yerenia Blome

Live-Video Song “Christmas Time”

Spoken Word Art – Christmas Poem “The Bright Star”

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