Julia Domenica Busse was born in 1981 nearby the German town Stuttgart and already played in an independent theatre group during her teenage years.

To train her skills in front of the camera and to make experiences Julia attended On-Camera-workshops of the Munich Filmschool as well as several masterclasses and workshops in Cologne, Berlin, Rome, London and L.A. working with teachers like Bernard Hiller, Jeff Erbach, Frank Betzelt.

Her first role came in 1999 as “The Rose” in a theatre adaption of Antoine de saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince”. One of her favourite experiences in theatre was playing Nina in Tschechow’s “The Seagull”.

In 2006 she started working in TV and film. Since then she appeared in television series’ such as “Der letzte Bulle”, “Kommissar Stolberg”, “SOKO Köln”, “Pastewka”.

In 2007, she made her film debut as a fan of the main character Finn in Wim Wender’s “Palermo Shooting”. Followed by small appearances in André Erkau’s “Selbstgespräche” and Christoph Hochhäusler’s “Unter dir die Stadt”.

In 2012, she entered the international market playing the supporting role of Jennell T. Steiner, an aristocratic, english lady entangeled in a conspiracy, in the English TV production “The Dossier”, including an upper middle class akcent and action scenes.

In 2018 the first movie with her as the leading lady got released. She plays Lisa, a rebellious and despereate character, in the independent, romantic drama “Lisa und der Maler” aka “Lisa and the Artist” (

This extraordinary production was only able to be realized because of the intense commtiment of the producer, script-writer and director Thomas Busse who also played the male lead role.

No film funding but one sponsor and private donators support this highquality HD-shot movie that is therefore a unique way of producing in Germany.

Since then she participated in various films and short films – before and behind the camera. Find the full list here:

Additionally Julia is a Qi Gong Coach (Flowing Breath Qi Gong) with a diploma from the German sport school Cologne, Prof. Wenjun Zhu.
She also has a diploma in chemistry with main focus biochemistry.
She already did various seminars as co-lecturer and lecturer in the fields of communication, motivation, healing & science, relaxation and Qi Gong and held lectures. More information and seminars here…

As a „resonance musician“ she is playing the body tambura for people as relaxation and energizing treatment ( and creating special sound accents during concerts, for films and on CDs.

In 2014 she released her first CD „WAVES“ with the body tambura, a special sound instrument:

Since December 2013 she is the musical company of her husband, singer-songwriter Thomas Busse, for his program of New-Age and Singer-Songwriter-Songs as well as poetic texts.


Julia writes poems since she was 10.

In 2017 her first poetry book “ICH BIN DA” with poems, prayers, poetic texts and stories got released:

It is her intention to free the “art of words” out of the dusty school drawer and brint it back into a timeless context.

In 2020 Julia started with watercolor and digital art professionally and specialised in particular in enchanted themes of landscapes, nature as well as feminine and Christian themes.

Find an overview of her originals and buying options here:

When art needs some pause Julia enjoys life with her husband Thomas, with whom she is happily married since 2019, as well as with activities like QiGong, jogging, Yoga, reading, meditation, travelling, family, friends.

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